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Ayumi Hamasaki : I am (CD)
Ayumi Hamasaki : I am (CD)

Language : Japanese
Media : CD
Genre : Music
# of Disc : 1 Disc
Released : March 2003
Product code : 2400032
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Ayumi Hamasaki's first album in 15 months since her mega-hit 3rd album! It contains all singles she released between December 2000 and September 2001, and previously unpublished (on CD format) songs that have been used in commercials, plus new stuff showcasing her creativity, of course! Since the hit of her single "M," she's been composing her own songs under the pseudonym CREA, and she's been doubling as her own stage producer on her own live concerts.

1. I am...
2. Opening Run
3. Connected
5. evolution
6. Naturally
8. still alone
9. Daybreak
10. taskinlude
11. M
12. A Song is born
13. Dearest
14. no more words
15. Endless Sorrow - gone with the wind ver.

Customer Reviews   SOURCE :

*Good. 2009/01/25
"I am..." is a good album by Ayu but it's not her best though there are some amazing songs on the album such as "evolution", "Connected" and "Naturally". "I am..." brings a dance/electronic/rock pop feel to Ayu's music making it quite unique among her discography. Naturally this album is a MUST have for any Ayu fan.

*A Best For Sure 2008/08/06
Reviewer: NekoGirl (UNITED STATES) 5
This album, although it isn't a masterpiece, is the first album to show that ayumi had top star quality. The theme of I Am has alot to do with the condition the world was in at that time and this is the only album that has a song on it dedicated to the United States( A Song Is Born). It has more of a pop rock sound to it than Duty, but still keeps the eurobeat appeal in songs like Naturally and Daybreak. Connection, which must be one of my favorite songs on this album, is her only Trance song that isn't a remix and has an easy to listen to quality to it. The tital song I Am is one of those Ayumi Hamasaki songs that doesn't sound like and can't be compared to any other. It's passionate and deep. Other must listen to songs on here would have to be Never Ever, Evolution, M., Dearest, and still Alone. I didn't like the Gone With The Wind version of endless Sorrow at all , the original version was much better, and the song Unite was far too expiramental for my taste. However, this is probably one of her best albums and like Rainbow allows us to hear a calmer happier side of Ayu in the lyrics. Buy it! You won't regret it!

*The best album 2008/03/03
Reviewer: aurelie (FRANCE) 5
Best album of Ayu. I'am, M, endless sorrow, Unite!, evolution and a song is born are amazing.
The other songs are very good. Buy this album the closed eyes.

*I think I am now a fan... 2007/08/15
Reviewer: Xochiquetzal Barros (UNITED STATES) 5
I truly feel that this was a follow up to Ayu's DUTY album. I don't understand a lick of Japanese, but I love them nonetheless; especially M and the titlr track I Am...

A definite must have!

*Exceptionally great! 2007/06/24
Reviewer: Don (UNITED KINGDOM) 5
The first time I heard the title track, I was completely blown away by it. The emotion in her voice and the way she pushes herself through it is nothing short of amazing. It's definitely one of her greatest songs and stand as a statement against the 2001 incident...

With three highly successful albums, Ayumi got to the top of J-Pop and has stayed there ever since. 'I am...' is an album that shows just why that is. While keeping the ambition from 'Duty', a rockier edge has been brought in to boost the music up onto a new level and succeeds brilliantly. And the fact that Ayumi herself has composed most of the songs is impressive.

Favorites are UNITE!, evolution, still alone, Daybreak, Dearest and Endless sorrow. Special notice must go to Connected which I'm near obsessed with as well as one of her absolutely best songs ever, M!

Among her first four albums, 'I am...' definitely stands as my favourite as it just throws great song after great song at you without any fillers. The writing is exceptionally great and Ayumi's singing is only better than ever. A must have for all fans!

*I love it 2006/04/19
Reviewer: Daniel (UNITED STATES) 5
I love any thing that is by Ayu. I had to have her first album in my collection. I am getting every Cd she was made.

*She's a composer too! 2006/04/11
Reviewer: Quartus (SWEDEN) 5
A great album from a great artist. Though the track Connected is a superb it still stands out from the rest and might be seen a little strange of those not expecting trance from a pop/rock artist. But as it was released as a single it should be known of.

It contains some "messy" songs like UNITE! and evolution and I can see some people not liking them, though I do.

But all the small flaws is forgiven since the fact that Ayumi has written most of the songs herself. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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