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The Immortal Yi Soon Shin Vol. 1 (Korean version)
Kim Myung min , Ahn Yeon Hong , Lee Jae Ryong , Cho Min Gi , Choi Jae Seong
The Immortal Yi Soon Shin Vol. 1 (Korean version)

Language : Korean
Subtitle : Korean,English
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Drama
Duration : 18 Episodes ( 6 Discs )
Released : August 2006
Product code : 1200336
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Immortal Lee Soon Shin Vol. 1               Korean version

Immortal Lee Soon Shin Vol. 2 is also available, click here

Based on Kim Hoon's Song of The Sword and Kim Tak Hwan's Immortality, KBS's outstanding 2005 historical drama The Immortal Lee Soon Shin is one of the most ambitious works the genre has seen in years. Spanning 104 episodes (edited to 33 by the makers of the show for this two-volume special edition), the drama tells the story of one the world's greatest naval heroes, Admiral Lee Soon Shin, and all the people who helped him become a beloved figure in Korean history.

Starting with a quick highlight of Lee's youth, it quickly moves to the Battle of Nokdun Island, the young Admiral-to-be's first loss that caused him to be dismissed from command. The show depicts his rise to Naval Commander and the buildup to the core of the show, the Seven-Year War between Joseon and Japan, with the battles of Hansan, Busan and Myeongnyang. Admiral Lee's brilliant naval strategy, employing his revolutionary Turtle Ships against Japan's fleet led by General Yushinaga, leads to the final encounter at Noryang, which seals the fate of the entire war and its participants.








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