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Dong Yi (3-Set Combo, Korean TV Series)
AKA : Jewel in the crown
Han Hyo Joo , Ji Jin Hee , Bae Soo Bin , Lee So Yeon , Park Ha Sun
Dong Yi (3-Set Combo, Korean TV Series)

Language : Korean,Mandarin
Subtitle : English,Chinese S T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Drama Historical
Duration : 60 Episodes ( 15 Discs )
Product code : 1200415PMP
Other Info : PMP Entertainment
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Awards (2010):

  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Han Hyo Joo)
  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award (Ji Jin Hee)
  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Female Excellence Award (Lee So Yeon)
  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Female Newcomer Award (Park Ha Sun)
  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Drama of the Year Award
  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Special Child Actor Award (Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Hyung Suk)
  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award (Kim Yoo Suk)
  • 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Female Popularity Award (Han Hyo Joo)

Note : Complete series (Episode 1-60End)

Special Features (No subtitles) :

  • Behind the scense
  • Interview

  • Based on a true story

This historical drama is set during the reign of King Sukjong who is the 19th King of the Joseon dynasty - year 1683-1724. It focuses about the life of Choi Dong Yi who later on become Royal Noble Consort Choi Sukbin and gives birth to a son called Geum who later on become 21th King of Joseon, King Yeongjo.

Dong Yi follows the tumultuous life of Choi Dong Yi, the water maid who rises to the position of royal consort to King Suk-jong and becomes the mother of the future king, King Young-jo, the twenty-first king of the Joseon Dynasty. Another brilliant masterpiece from famed director Lee Byeong-hun (Jewel in the Palace, Heo Jun, Yi San: Wind in the Palace), Dong Yi is an inspirational tale of hope and triumph of the human spirit.

During the Joseon Dynasty, Dong Yi has a peaceful and happy childhood until her father and brother are framed for killing nobles and executed. Determined to clear her family's name, she enters the palace as a servant to find a court lady who could be the key to finding out the truth.

With her resilience, persistence and strong sense of justice, she soon gains the favor of King Suk-jong and finds an ally in Queen In-hyeon as she battles the wiles of the devious Jang Hee-bin who will stop at nothing to be queen.

Viewer Comments :                               Source :

  • Comment #58
    cris Says:

    i love this drama, most specially the king and dong yi love theme and the music its so nice bravo.

  • Comment #56
    olive Says:

    OMG!!!! This is the best series in the world for me!!!! As in ever... It is far incomparable with all other series in the world. Name it, Asian, Western, American etc... but this still is the best.

  • Comment #55
    maila Says:

    I like the character of ji jin hee and lee hyu seon.they are the one who give the Life of the story.thumbs up for the 2 artisy.

  • Comment #53
    megz Says:

    Perfect korean drama dong yi I realy like it....

  • Comment #52
    tin Says:

    this movie drama caught my heart. i'm very glad that korea has a kind of this movie.

  • Comment #51
    mary Says:

    This show rocks, the production values everything is by far better than what the Hollywood cookie cutters throw out. They tell an exciting story that has romance, adventure, and intrigue all without smuting it down! Terrific job - worthy of an Emmy.

  • Comment #48
    ????????? Fireflight Says:

    Perfect drama! DONG YI <3

  • Comment #47
    Joseon Says:

    I am a fan of historical dramas, and Dong Yi is one such great drama. It brings me back to eras that I only read in history books, so in effect period dramas bring the past to life. Great job MBC!

  • Comment #46
    serjio Says:

    hi again i also watched yi san the wind of the palace its also very nice and attractive drama i've seen it in korean language english subtitles and in kurdish languages very very nice i hope kurdsat tv soon dub the new korean drama translate and show coz i love it and we r now very familiar with korean culture and traditions ,if u watch korean drama u can lear too much things on live and peoples hope everyone enjoy all korean drama i watched many and now i watch Jumong - Prince of The Legend very nice thanks for korean peoples and i hope to find a beautiful korean girl to be my future love and wife forever Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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