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Attack No. 1
Ueto Aya , Sakai Ayana , Nakamura Shunsuke , Toono Nagiko , Miyaji Mao
Attack No. 1

Language : Japanese
Subtitle : English,Chinese T(What is it ?)
Media : DVD All region NTSC Format
Genre : Drama
Duration : 11 Episodes ( 3 Discs )
Released : September 2006
Product code : 2200042
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Good English sub deluxe version 

Attack No.1 / アタック No.1 / 攻擊NO.1

What does it take to become the ultimate volleyball player? The smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time!

A smash hit manga spikes its way onto the TV screen for the first time! Kozue, a positive and cheerful high school girl devotes her entire energy toward her school volleyball team. Extremely severe practices designed by the strict head coach Inokuma, highly competitive matches against the toughest top players, friendships and rivalry among teammates with strong characters…. Can Kozue’s genuine love toward volleyball make the impossible come true?

演 員:
上戶彩, 酒井彩名, 加藤夏希, 森田彩華, 中村俊介

富士見學院排球隊的隊員鯰原梢(上戶彩飾),和好友小綠與學妹真理,每天過著打排球的愉快高中生活,某天縣比賽,身為板凳球員的小梢奉命上場,為隊上得了不少分數,幾天後,本鄉老師通知小梢被選入了高中代表隊,學姐們對此事非常難以接受,尤其是身為主力的小綠改變對小梢的態度,也因此和小梢發生衝突,沮喪的小梢和老師商量後,決心參加代表隊, 代表隊的教練是極其嚴格可怕的豬野熊,相當了解豬野熊的本鄉告訴小梢,如果受不了就回學校,但小梢仍決心撐下去,代表隊連續進行了多天的重量訓練,但隊員們完全無法接觸到排球練習,於是漸漸隊員們開始有了不滿,因而向教練抱怨,於是教練宣布數日後要與富士見,也就是小梢的學校做練習賽,小梢能否熬得住代表隊的生活呢?與昔日同伴的比賽又會如何呢? Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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