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Miyavi : Miyaviuta - Dokuso (CD)
Miyavi : Miyaviuta - Dokuso (CD)

Media : CD
Genre : Music
Released : July 2006
Product code : 2400136
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Third full-length album from Miyavi features the artists take on the "dokuso (solo)" style with simple, compact performances via a light drumset and one acoustic guitar. Base on the theme of love, Miyavi shows off amazing skill on the guitar with solid arrangements. Could this be the start of what Miyavi has in store for 2007?

1. Jikoai, Jiga Jisan, Jiishiki Kajo (Instrumental)
3. Please, please, please.
5. Boku wa Shitteru
7. Baka na Hito
8. Kimi ni Funky Monkey Vibration
9. W love you - Sekai wa Kimi wo Aishiteru
10. "Aishiteru" kara Hajimeyo
11. JikoShijo Shugisha no Nare no Hate (Instrumental)

Customer Reviews                    SOURCE :

*My Favourite =) 2008/07/26
Reviewer: Sumire (MALAYSIA) 5
Definitely my fav Miyavi's work. What more can I say, this album reflects the true soul of Miyavi acoustic, acoustic and acoustic in a most refreshing yet professional way.

A must have for all acoustic lovers too =)

*Raw Amazing Talent! 2008/07/18
Reviewer: Carmen (UNITED STATES) 5
'SELFISH LOVE' was what cemented me as a Miyavi fan. His guitar playing is amazing, as is his singing. From start to finish this is a great album, a must have for any Miyavi fan!

*miyavi <3 2008/01/13
Reviewer: Nayu (FRANCE) 4
More you'll listen to it more you'll like it !

at first i was a bit 'disoriented' cause i'm a big fan of 'gagaku period which is ather heavy !

but with this cd you'll be attract by is guitarist skills

*A lovely item for anyone's collection 2007/11/17
Reviewer: Noir (UNITED STATES) 5
This disk contains many "dokuso" tracks that are simply wonderful. Miyavi's style and talent really shine through ont hsi disk. If you can still snag the Limited edition press copy, you will be one lucky person!

*My First Miyavi CD 2007/07/08
Reviewer: D (UNITED STATES) 5
After being dragged to two live performances by my cousin I began to realize what an amazingly diverse artist Miyavi is. This was the first cd of his I purchased and I wasn't dissapointed, this is just great music.

*Acoustic = <3 2007/07/06
Reviewer: Abi (UNITED STATES) 5
This album changed my mind about the acoustic guitar. It always seemed to me like a very boring instrument. But after hearing Miyavi play it in such a unique manner well I love it! Just listening to all those hand movements and how fast they are going. It really helped me appreciate Miyavi as a guitar player. This CD is worth the money you pay for it. I've never looked back and thought I'd want to send it back. I truly love this album and everyone should at least give it a chance.

*great album 2007/06/21
Reviewer: Victor J. (SPAIN) 5
This Miyavi's album is totally different to another works. It's very personal work. My favourites songs are:"Selfish love", "Please, please, please","Kimi ni Funky monkey vibration". I like dokuso style.

*Miyavi :D 2007/02/06
Reviewer: Trisha (UNITED STATES) 5
I wasn't actually expecting much from this album, since I'd checked out the playlist before and saw that most of the tracks were old songs of his. After I listened to the album, though, I am SO glad that I pre-ordered it. A lot of the songs are some of the acoustic pieces he played on LFX, just polished up--and they sound AWESOME. 'Boku wa Shitteru' is so soothing and heartfelt that you can't help but love it. (And yeah, I admit it, I breathed a little sigh of relief when I heard 'Selfish Love'. Glad to know he hasn't forgotten he's a rocker. ;D) It isn't easy to make a good album composed entirely of acoustic guitar, but Miyavi did it, and with style. Miyaviuta was completely worth it.

(Oh, and the last track is just 6 minutes and 22 seconds of silence. I freaked out at first because I thought my copy was defective, but it's actually just 382 seconds of silence--382 = Miyavi, get it? I guess he was feeling playful during recording.)

*He is love. 2007/01/31
Reviewer: Ashu (UNITED STATES) 5
This album is simply amazing. Miyavi-sama has done it again! I think my favorite song would have to be "Boku wa Shitteru" or "Baka na Hito". Good job, Miyavi! ^_^

*Amazing 2007/01/30
Reviewer: Simone (CANADA) 5
When I first got into Miyavi I bought the Miyavism cd. I was very dissapointed in it so I was apprehensive about getting this cd (though I did buy the MYV Pops cd and really liked that one). After listening to this cd I tought it was good, but the more I listened to it the more I realized that this cd is amazing. Miyavi really has skill! I never get tired of any of the songs. The song "Baka na Hito" is one of the best tracks. I would highly recommend getting this cd. Acrylic Plastic Acrylic Drain Dish drainer clear dish drainer
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